Want to protect your business name?

The best way to protect your business name is with a federal trademark registration. In addition to being able to use the ® trademark symbol, a federal trademark registration:


Forbids anyone from using your trademark anywhere in the U.S.


Prevents others from using your trademark in urls and social media.


Allows you to stop foreign infringing goods at the border.


Deters accidental infringement by putting the world on notice of your rights.

How to trademark your name and get the ® trademark symbol


Determine whether your trademark can be registered (some can't).


Perform a trademark search to check the availability of your name.


Classify your goods and services and prepare your trademark application.


File your trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Respond to any objections from the USPTO.


Pay government trademark maintenance fees to maintain your trademark with the USPTO.

Although these steps seem simple, filing a trademark registration is a complex process involving many legal and business considerations. That's why the USPTO recommends hiring an attorney to guide you through the process.

Filing your trademark with Trust Tree

When you choose Trust Tree, an experienced attorney will develop a trademark strategy that fits your business goals and budget. Your attorney will evaluate your business name, search its availability and even help you come up with a name if you're having trouble. When it comes time to file, your attorney prepares your application, files it, and monitors your application after it's filed. If the USPTO objects to your application, your attorney will counsel you on your options and can respond on your behalf. Once your trademark registers, we keep track of when your maintenance fees are due. We can also monitor the USPTO database and let you know if someone tries to file a similar trademark. And, if anyone tries to infringe your trademark, the experienced litigators at Trust Tree can help you resolve the dispute. 

Our Complete Trademark Filing Package

With our Complete Trademark Filing Package an experienced attorney will:

  • Evaluate your trademark and develop a trademark strategy for your business

    Perform a comprehensive trademark search and evaluate the results

    Prepare and file your trademark application (includes one class of government fees) 

    Monitor your trademark application and provide notifications of its progress

    Help you understand how to use your trademark, including how and where to use the trademark symbol

    Monitor your trademark after it registers and notify you when maintenance fees are due

Trademark Protection Package


(includes a comprehensive search, filing, and the $275 fee charged by the U.S. government**)

Simply complete the form below and pay using our convenient, secure payment portal provided by LawPay to begin protecting your trademark. Your payment will be held in trust until services are rendered.

**Includes government fees for one class of goods and services. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will require additional fees for additional classes.