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  • Look before you leap.

  • With more than 400,000 trademark applications filed every year, your chances of accidentally using a name that is already taken have never been higher. Before you launch your new product or venture, you need to make sure your trademark isn't going to lead to real trouble down the road. Failing to check if your trademark is available can end in costly lawsuits that may result in having to undergo the burden and expense of changing your trademark. The only way to avoid these problems is with a trademark search.

Why is this awesome trademark search free?

Our mission at Trust Tree® is to make sure every business, no matter what its size, has an effective trademark strategy. That's why we offer every business one free trademark search and attorney trademark assessment (additional searches $199). The free package includes:

checkmark.png Trademark search report in PDF format
checkmark.png Safety score from 1 to 5 measuring the risk of using your trademark
checkmark.png Relevant industry data
checkmark.png Word meaning in 200 languages
checkmark.png Relevant internet domains
checkmark.png Attorney trademark assessment and consultation

What is Trust Tree®?

No matter how small or how large your business, your trademark is one of your most valuable assets. You need to have a solid strategy for selecting and protecting your business name. You need real advice, not lawyer speak. The attorneys at Trust Tree® are friendly, helpful, and use plain language. Heck, you might even want to hang out with us (or our dogs). We use technology to provide high quality legal service at a fraction of the cost of retaining an attorney at a large firm.

From Nashville to New Zealand, businesses of all sizes choose Trust Tree®.

If you are just starting out, and need to make sure you pick a business name that will have long-term value or you've been in business for years and need to make sure your trademark is protected and maintained, you need Trust Tree®.
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