Are you sure your trademark is available?

With more than 400,000 trademark applications filed every year, your chances of accidentally using a name that is already taken has never been higher. Before you launch your new product or venture, you need to make sure your trademark isn't going to lead to real trouble down the road. Failing to check if your trademark is available can end in costly lawsuits that may result in having to undergo the burden and expense of changing your trademark. The only way to avoid these problems is with a trademark search.  

How to run a trademark search

We recommend that you begin your trademark search using free resources. Start with Google and the US Patent and Trademark Office (we have tips on trademark searching here) to see if there are any identical trademarks. If you don't find anything close to your trademark using these free resources, hire an attorney to perform a professional trademark search. A professional trademark search not only finds identical trademarks, but will also reveal trademarks that sound or look similar. This is important because your trademark does not have to be identical to a preexisting registration or application for the USPTO to reject your application. Rather, the USPTO may refuse to register your trademark application. It is sufficient if the marks are similar and the goods and or services related. Determining whether there is a likelihood of confusion between trademark is a multi-factor test that is best left to experts like us.

Trust Tree's Professional Trademark Search


Our mission at Trust Tree® is to make sure every business, no matter what its size, has an effective trademark strategy. Our search package includes:

checkmark.png Trademark search report in PDF format
checkmark.png Safety score from 1 to 5 measuring the risk of using your trademark
checkmark.png Relevant industry data
checkmark.png Word meaning in 200 languages
checkmark.png Relevant internet domains
checkmark.png Attorney trademark assessment and consultation

Your fast, inexpensive professional trademark search will be performed and analyzed by one of Trust Tree's experienced trademark attorneys. After you receive your search report, your attorney will review it with you to explain the results and help you develop a trademark protection strategy for your business. You can download a sample of our trademark search reports below.

Sample Search Report for Trademarks with Words

Sample Search Report for Trademarks with Designs


Professional Trademark Search


Includes search report with Safety Score* and attorney consultation on trademark strategy.

Simply complete the form below and pay using our convenient, secure payment portal provided by LawPay to begin the process of getting our very special service. Your payment will be held in trust until services are rendered.

*Safety Score only provided for trademarks that contain words or letters.