Services for trademark firms outside the U.S.

U.S. trademark attorneys offering a variety of services to meet all your trademark needs.


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Madrid Protocol

Our U.S. trademark attorneys assume responsibility for Madrid Protocol U.S. trademark applications and respond to USPTO Office Actions. We charge 250 USD to respond to minor issues like amendments to the identification of goods and services. We charge 850 USD to respond to major issues like descriptiveness or likelihood of confusion rejections.


Domestic Representative

Our U.S. trademark attorneys serve as the Domestic Representative for U.S. trademark applications or registrations. This allows us to accept service of process for U.S. legal proceedings. We charge 100 USD to perform this service.


U.S. Trademark Application Filing

Our U.S. trademark attorneys make the trademark application process easy, convenient and affordable. We charge 500 USD plus government fees to prepare and file trademark applications.


U.S. Trademark Maintenance

Our U.S. trademark attorneys keep your trademark up-to-date with the USPTO. We charge 400 USD plus government fees to make maintenance filings.

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